sea shore gems

Sea Shore Gems was created out of a love of the sea. Growing up in Veracruz Mexico I played in the water and explored all the beaches. I became interested in natural sea glass. I like the shapes.  I became fascinated with the rich and vibrant colors. I left my home town to study in the States. I have been lucky enough to travel to some of the prettiest beaches around the world  My name is Ernesto Escobar and I founded Sea Shore Gems in 2011. 

Through time my collection of sea glass became extensive. I started gathering clear glass fish bowls with which to display my collections. My family and friends would be amazed by my colorful bowls. It was suggested I bag and sell them for others to enjoy. So I did. These gems remind me of my beautiful  home back in Veracruz. I want you to experience the taste of my world

Currently we are selling our gems at the Highwood Farmers Market in downtown Highwood Illinois. The Market runs every Wednesday night during the summer months. My gems are also available at the Crossroads Car Wash in Highland Park Illinois

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